WPSP Welcomes Global Ambassador Shabana Azmi

The Women in Public Service Project is pleased to announce our new Global Ambassador, Indian actress and social activist Shabana Azmi.

WPSP Global Ambassadors are champions of women's leadership empowerment and will provide an imperative role in providing insights to the status of women leaders. The Global Ambassadors program provides a platform for leading gender parity champions to continue their work and advocacy on stages around the world. As a Global Leadership Ambassador, Shabana Azmi will provide her knowledge of and experiences with women's empowerment in South Asia.

Azmi is a premier Indian and international actress, Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Population Fund, and advocate for the elevation of the status of women globally. She has fought relentlessly against religious fundamentalism of all hues and is highly respected as a moderate, liberal Muslim voice. Through her experience as a public figure, Azmi has been constant voice for women in South Asia and has further used her platform to fight for sustainable urban development projects in slums.