Wilson Center Releases First Annual 50x50 Report on Women in Public Service Leadership

Groundbreaking report from the Women in Public Service Project reveals previously unknown factors contributing to power and parity in women’s leadership globally

WASHINGTON – The Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) at the Wilson Center will launch the first annual report from the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index on May 15, 2018. The Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index is the first global index to measure not only where women are in public service leadership, but also how they got there and the power they hold.

The new report from the WPSP, Roadmap to 50x50: Power and Parity in Women’s Leadership serves as a launchpad for policy change toward the Project’s goal of “50 by 50”: 50% representation of women in policy and political leadership – worldwide – by the year 2050.

“In the era of fake news, this is the real deal. We now have the evidence to show the power of women’s leadership,” said Jane Harman, Director, President and CEO of the Wilson Center.

“It is important that we measure more than just the numbers of women in leadership,” said Gwen K. Young, Director of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative and Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center. “In order for women to have an equal seat at the table, they must have a voice in decision-making across policy functions. True gender parity means women at the table across government sectors, with the same power as their male counterparts.”

With the goal of providing actionable tools to achieve global gender parity, the “50x50 Report” highlights the levers that can impact women’s representation in leadership. Key findings include:

  • Education Counts: Education, particularly vocational skills training and literacy, is a key predictor of women’s leadership.
  • Part-time Work Opens Doors: Re-thinking the traditional 9-5 work structure will open new paths to leadership.
  • Public Administration is the Starting Point: the numbers indicate that this sector will be the first to reach parity in leadership globally.
  • Glass Walls Must be Broken,Too: Women remain under-represented at critical policy tables around the world.
  • Perception Matters: Public perceptions of women in public life can be related to the kinds of leadership positions women hold.
  • Women in Power is Linked to Good Governance: Globally, the numbers show a clear, positive relationship between women in leadership and good governance.

The report will launch at an event at the Wilson Center, with screenings of the launch hosted by partners in the US, London, and Albania. More details about the launch event and screenings can be found at www.50x50movement.org.

The full report, including data and scores for all 75 countries, will be available May 15 at data.50x50movement.org/index.

About the Wilson Center

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About the Women in Public Service Project

Housed at the Wilson Center’s Global Women’s Leadership Initiative, the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) is committed to accelerating global progress towards women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership. Through groundbreaking research, innovative partnerships and global conversations, WPSP champions the creation of more dynamic and inclusive institutions – leveraging the full potential of both men and women – to change the way global solutions are forged. For more information, please visit www.50x50movement.org.