Meet Our Delegates

WPSP delegates are women leaders who are changing the world and contributing their skills, knowledge, and passion to the movement toward global gender parity. Here are just a few of the women leaders who participated in WPSP institutes, trainings, and courses around the world.



"I learned many lessons during the two weeks spent in the WPSP program that I have applied in my daily life while encountering barriers, the most important: to raise my voice in a situation of injustice." Read More


Chandy Eng


"These concerted efforts come from powerful lessons taught by the WPSP: Don’t stay silent and allow men to voice their opinion instead of you! Don’t become complicit in injustice through inaction. Don’t become complacent with inequality by choosing ignorance. Tell the truth.” Read More


“If something happens within you, only then will you start thinking about things and that leads to change. Change is a natural process that you cannot stop, but you could make it faster if you wanted. For me, I need to feel something in my heart, in my body, and in my mind.” Read More


"The motive and the network keep me going. We have already set the purpose, but what we need is to wisely achieve it. The public service project is like raising a WPSP child — we must see to its growth, step by step, throughout the years, facing and taking down all challenges, making it reach maturity by year 2050.” Read More



"It is incredibly important for any woman leader to persist in her work and prove herself as a decision-maker. In this way establishing that she is not only capable of leadership but able to often times exceed the performance of her male counterparts.” Read More


"From this WPSP 2014 program, I was able to get an international network. One of the greatest points of the conference was the gathering of powerful women at the same place who all gave us inspiring speeches on how to overcome difficulties.” Read More


Attending the Women in Public Service Program was very useful for me within political life and activism regarding women's issues. Throughout the program, I learned more about the experiences of other countries fighting for women's rights, and it was an inspiration for me when I defended those rights in my own country, Kosovo" Read More

Agnes Igoye and Rangita de Silva de AlwisAGNES IGOYE

"And then coming to the Women’s in Public Service Institute was really a big push for me, where I met amazing women, women just like me from other places of the world. I got all the networks and I went back home with a lot of energy, and a lot of inspiration. I felt like I could be anything I could be in this world.” Read More


"[At the WPSP program] I met amazing women leaders that really inspired me. I learned many new strategies, especially mentoring and storytelling as innovative ways to empower young [people] and tackle youth issues.” Read More



"The WPSP course is exactly what I want to do with my future. I want to work in public service to better my community and so many other communities, and the WPSP course at Berea College taught me how to do that.” Read More


Jane Alao and other delegatesJANE ALAO

"This two week’s workshop is very inspiring. It has been my pleasure that I am here attending, meeting women from all walks of life, listening to their experiences – their pain of what they’re going through in their countries andthe kind of work that they are doing. Through this workshop that I am attending, I have a strong belief that I will go back home a different person. By a different person, I mean someone who can influence other women, not only women because I think it’s really important that it is inclusive of men and women because this is the core of a society.” Read More

Liz Lacerda and other delegates on stageLIZ LACERDA

"The WPSP has inspired me in so many ways. I came back to Brazil with many thoughts and missions, but one that stuck with me was to look for my mentors. In my search I found the women who inspired me the most were the ones hustling every day in Brazil to produce art, especially independent music.” Read More

Langiwe Muamba and other delegatesLANGIWE MAUMBA

"This year at the Women in Public Service Institute Project (WPSP) in the US, I met delegates from all the four corners of the world. Many were ambassadors, ministers, etc. from affluent backgrounds. They used sophisticated language and terminology. This was a stark contrast to South Sudan which is poor and War torn and where many of the women are not well educated, if they are educated at all. At the Institute, we discussed what women would do if they were in leadership positions.” Read More


"Every discussion is about reality; however, how do we understand each other’s different realities? The Women in the Public Service Project (WPSP) was a unique opportunity for the delegates to cross different realities, reflecting on each other’s experience and gaining deeper understanding of who we really are and who we could become.” Read More

Margaret Akullo Elem and other delegatesMARGARET AKULLO ELEM

"WPSP and its networks have greatly inspired me. The WPSP Institute built in me the spirit of confidence, courage and even aspiration to scale the heights. I feel that the sky is the limit in my pursuits to positions of leadership in my country. Using my networks optimally, women in my country, and I, will gain positions of leadership in Uganda.” Read More