Featured Programs and Events

Join Gwen K. Young, Managing Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition and Distinguished Fellow at the Wilson Center's Global Women's Leadership Initiative for a discussion of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index, key findings and trends in women’s leadership in the public sector. Moderating this program is Elizabeth McKay, CPD's Public Diplomat in Residence and Senior Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State.

Please join The Wilson Center Maternal Health Initiative (MHI), Women in Public Service Project, and EMD Serono, to discuss the impact inclusion plays in ensuring both workforce equity and productivity. The event will consist of a panel of private sector leaders discussing innovations in policies and initiatives to ensure men and women are healthy and productive employees. There will be a reception following the event.

How can we understand and contest the global wave of violence against women? In this book, Alison Brysk shows that gender violence across countries tends to change as countries develop and liberalize, but not in the ways that we might predict.

"The public world of gender relations is exploding around us. The private world of relationships, families, and sex is a minefield of power and love. There has never, ever, in the 8,000 year history of our male-dominated world, been a moment quite like this. You and I are living it. The gender equality revolution."

As the nature of security challenges has changed due to the rise of non-state actors and security threats such as cyber-attacks, EU and NATO military operations must adapt in order to remain effective.  One way to increase both effectiveness and credibility is to improve the role of women in the EU and NATO operations both on the ground and in terms of leadership positions. Having a more balanced representation of gender makes missions more reflective of the countries carrying them out as well as the countries in which they take place, thereby enhancing the credibility of missions via vis the public and the local populations.

Wilson Center President, Director & CEO Jane Harman will host a conversation with National Science Foundation (NSF) Director France A. Córdova about the future of innovation. This discussion will showcase NSF’s investments in fundamental research, its contributions to innovation and business and highlight Dr. Córdova - an astrophysicist, ground breaking female scientist, agency head, and Washington thought leader.