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In this issue:
  • From Evidence to Action Toward Gender ParityThe global effort for an evidence-based launchpad for action
  • Highlights: Launch of a groundbreaking Leadership Index; talking gender data at the United Nations; innovating leadership across sectors
  • Content: New She is One podcast tells the story of the women behind the numbers; new Index webinar; WPSP director Gwen K. Young on gender data and international trade; Leadership Index conversations and key findings; fall Data Briefs
  • News: where we need to go to achieve parity; new reports on women's leadership; WPSP in the news

From Evidence to Action Toward Gender Parity

In the fall of 2017, many organizations championed the need for an evidence base and data to accelerate gender parity. It became a discussion globally, as many people realized that gaps in data and progress in almost every country around the world. Stakeholder organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the UAE Gender Balance Council have all joined in the effort to build an evidence base for gender equality globally. 

The Women in Public Service Project is at the forefront of this effort. With the release of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index, we now have a better understanding not only of where women are in public service leadership, but also how they got there and the power they hold in these positions. This fall, we bolstered this knowledge base with conversations from San Francisco to New York on important topics including women in combat, cross-sector innovations in leadership, and engaging male leaders in women, peace and security. We also launched our She is One Podcast to tell the stories of the trailblazing women behind the numbers on global leadership.

In the coming year, we look forward to engaging more global stakeholders in the data-driven effort toward gender parity. 

Program Highlights

A New Groundbreaking Leadership Index
In October, WPSP released our new Global Women's Leadership Index (the Leadership Index), a first-of-its-kind comparison and examination of women's leadership across all sectors of government by country. With the aim of building an accessible and substantive evidence base, the interactive web platform allows key stakeholders to explore numbers by country, compare data across countries, review key findings, and download datasets. Explore the numbers

Gender Data: Powering Public Policy

On November 28, WPSP launched our Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index (the Leadership Index) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in partnership with the UNDP Gender Equality in Public Administration Global Initiative (GEPA), the Permanent Missions of Canada and Kenya to the UN, and McKinsey & Company. The conversation explored the importance of gender data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - including Goal 5 on gender equality - and tackle critical isues impacting women's lives around the world. Watch the recap

Innovating Women's Leadership Across Sectors: A Conversation with H.E. Ammenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius
In partnership with the Africa Program at the Wilson Center, WPSP hosted a conversation with President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim of Mauritius. The first woman to hold the office and one of only four women presidents in Africa, she is also an internationally acclaimed scientist and dedicated advocate for engaging women and girls in STEM innovation. President Gurib-Fakim emphasized the importance of inclusion and innovation in development efforts around the world. Listen to her remarks

New Content from the Women in Public Service Project



Trending News in Women's Leadership

Women Just Had One of Their Best Election Years Ever
Global Citizen | Colleen Curry
November 8, 2017

Trending News in Women's Leadership

Slovenia Ranking High in Women's Leadership Index
Slovenian Press Agency (STA)
December 7, 2017

UN Launches Public Sector Women's Leadership Ranking
Global Government Forum | Liz Heron
December 6, 2017

UNDP, Wilson Center Launch Index on Women's Leadership
IISD SDG Knowledge Hub | Catherine Benson Wahlen
December 5, 2017

UNDP and Partners Launch Global Women's Leadership Index for 50-50 Women Leaders in Public Office by 2050
UNDP News Centre
November 29, 2017

UAE Gender Balance Council Participates in Roundtable With Wilson Center
The Gulf Today
November 25, 2017

What Happens When Women Reach a Critical Mass of Influence
TIME | Jay Newton-Small
November 9, 2017

How the U.S. Government Can Fight Sexual Harassment
RealClearWorld | Gwen K. Young
November 6, 2017

Are American Women Really Better Off?
November 3, 2017

Can Women's Political Power be Measured?
October 5, 2017


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