Behind every statistic, there is a story to tell

The Women in Public Service Project is pleased to launch our new She is One podcast to tell the unique stories of the women leaders driving progress toward gender parity in public service leadership.

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Each woman leader has a unique experience to share, and together, these individuals drive the global movement toward gender parity. By highlighting the paths they have forged, we hope to inspire emerging leaders to join them and bring us closer to the 50x50 goal of 50% representation by 2050.

This series will tell the stories of women leaders from around the world, including ambassadors, ministers, judges, legislators, party leaders, and others contributing their voices at critical decision-making tables.

Whose story do you want to tell? Join the conversation using #SheIsOne and follow the Women in Public Service Project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about the numbers behind global gender parity with the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index.