Partnership Opportunities

Join global influencers in the effort to secure a seat at the table for the world's women leaders.

The Women in Public Service Project is pursuing a bold vision: women holding 50% of policy and political leadership positions by the year 2050.  We are moving this 50x50 vision forward by:

  • Driving transparency and transformation in governments and governmental solutions
  • Gathering and sharing information and evidence on the factors driving women’s leadership in public spaces
  • Enabling and inspiring emerging women leaders in political and policy positions around the globe

We believe that the 50x50 vision for global gender parity can only be achieved when institutions and societies are equipped to empower women leaders. To accomplish the 50x50 goal, we must know where we stand today.

Our Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index is the only global comprehensive framework of key indicators driving women’s participation, leadership and power in governments across the globe. With this framework we can fill critical knowledge gaps with a data-driven evidence base, policies and metrics.

Through global convenings, groundbreaking research, and innovative partnerships, the Women in Public Service Project facilitates vital conversations around women’s leadership.

The Women in Public Service Project is an important resource of the Wilson Center, the only think tank to receive the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Certification. Established by the U.S. Congress, the Center provides a trusted non-partisan platform, producing actionable ideas that bridge the gap between scholarship and policy.

The Wilson Center is recognized as the #1 regional studies think tank in the world, and the #5 think tank in the United States by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Partnerships with the Women in Public Service Project

Achieving gender parity in political and policy leadership will require not only a solid foundation of data and research, but also the full participation and collaboration of key leaders and stakeholders. Our partners and sponsors are crucial members of this global platform.

The Women in Public Service Project offers partnership opportunities for individuals and organizations. All partners and sponsors receive access to the leading experts and research on global gender parity, as well as regular updates on programming, events and convenings. 

To learn more about partnerships and identify the best opportunity for you or your organization, email us at

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors of the Women in Public Service Project build critical public-private partnerships in support of the 50x50 vision. As key partners in our mission, corporate sponsors play a visible role in WPSP programming and initiatives.

Board of Directors

The WPSP Board of Directors consists of founding institutions, partner colleges and universities, government entities, and accomplished individuals. The Board meets twice a year to provide insight, leadership and guidance toward the growth and viability of the Women in Public Service Project and the realization of the 50x50 goal.

50x50 Leadership Circle

To drive the 50x50 vision forward, the Women in Public Service Project builds partnerships with dynamic and innovative leaders in the public and private sectors. Members of the 50x50 Leadership Circle are global changemakers and influencers from a wide range of backgrounds including government, technology, business and nonprofit leadership.

Why Partner with the Women in Public Service Project?

As a partner of the Women in Public Service Project, you will join a network of global changemakers at the forefront of the movement toward global gender parity in public service. The Women in Public Service Project is the singular champion for women’s policy and political leadership on a global scale. As the premiere information hub in this space, we are committed to convening global stakeholders and providing the public with comprehensive, accessible research and data. Your support is critical to our success.

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