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WPSP Uganda Institute: Leadership for Transparent and Accountable Governance

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The WPSP Uganda Institute “Leadership for Transparent and Accountable Governance,” took place on March 6-9, 2015, with support from the Global Livingston Institute and the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center.  The Institute was championed by alumni from the 2013 and 2014 WPSP Institutes, many of whom spoke at the program.  The Institute brought together emerging women leaders from around the country to focus on critical leadership themes including: “Engaging Women in Political Leadership and Public Service,” “Essential Elements for Women’s Leadership in Transitional Settings,” and “Technology as a Development and Empowerment Tool” among other pertinent components of leadership and community engagement.

The WPSP Uganda Institute was organized in line with the mission of WPSP, empowering a new generation of women globally on issues of critical importance in public service through dynamic learning institutes as well as strategic peer-to-peer and two way mentoring.

WPSP Uganda institute

The Institute attracted 25 Delegates selected through a competitive online application process and not only benefited from the expertise of delegates, but also from practitioners, policymakers, and scholars who participated as speakers, panelists, and trainers ( Having a diversity of delegates and speakers from various countries including Burundi, USA, South Africa, The Gambia, Kenya, Syria, Uganda, Liberia and Pakistan; from diverse sectors, ethnicities, ages, cultures and religion, enriched discussions.

The topics discussed included:

  • Transformational leadership and its relevance to public service
  • Engaging women in political leadership and public service
  • UN Resolution 1325 Uganda’s commitments and implementation status.
  •  Gender gap in public service and how it can be overcome
  • Women as a parameter for effective governance/the civil society in Syria experience
  •  Alternative approaches to women’s leadership in transitional settings
  • Technology as a development and empowerment tool
  • Effective use of media for social change
  • Violence against women including human trafficking
  • Embracing women emancipation: the role of men
Brenda Kugonza speaking on violence against women and how to engage men in the healing process
Brenda Kugonza speaking on violence against women and how to engage men in the healing process

The WPSP Uganda Institute was honored by remarks from Jane Harman, Director, President and CEO of the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, who spoke to participants and congratulated WPSP alumni while highlighting the importance of the WPSP agenda. The participants also had the opportunity to interact with a Kabale area woman member of parliament who shared her insight on women’s participation in Uganda’s Parliament.

To celebrate International Women’s day, delegates and speakers engaged in a volunteer activity distributing donated text books and maps (from Books For Africa USA and Sir Emeka Offor Foundation) at Burimba Primary School. They had to travel twenty minutes by boat and hike for over 45 minutes to reach the school. It is the first time the school has had a library since its establishment in 1985.

All the commitments made by the participants are documented and will be followed up.

The WPSP Uganda Institute will be an annual event in Uganda to continue to reach out and expand the Women in Public Service vision and mission.