The United States now has a record number of women in Congress, while Ethiopia has women leading across three sectors of government. Women are on the rise.

With the rise of women's movements across the globe and the shift in demographics and politics, what are the best platforms to continue to advance gender equity and women's leadership? Do we need "women's networks" and what are the best practices and outcomes?

Many congratulations to our Global Leadership Ambassador Ziauddin Yousafzai on the launch of his book ‘Let Her Fly’!

In this episode, Voice of America Director Amanda Bennett discusses her experience being a woman in journalism, approaching leadership roles in a male-dominated industry, and how women sometimes subconsciously create barriers for themselves through self-selection.

In this episode, International Broadcaster for VOA Uzbek Navbahor Imamova discusses what it was like growing up as a young girl with journalism aspirations in a Muslim Soviet society, the importance of building confidence in your abilities, and navigating a journalism career in a state with limited freedom of the press.

Algeria is one of the many countries which are "pursuing parity," according to the Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index (Leadership Index). In these countries, there are few women in leadership positions and across all functions and roles in government. Over the past decade, Algeria has made progress in advancing women's rights but still faces challenges in terms of leadership. Algeria is a country pursuing parity.