A Woman's Place in a Digital World


Global Women's Leadership Initiative Fellow Lucina di Meco explores the role social media plays in women's lives and the challenges associated with navigating the digital world as a woman in an op-ed piece for The Hill

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"As I scrolled through online images, articles and comments about the third annual Women’s March earlier this year and with women’s history month upon us, I reflected on both how a single Facebook post incited this global demonstration and the complex role social media and the internet play in women’s lives. Particularly its power to galvanize a global sisterhood based on common challenges and a shared will to overcome them.

While access to the internet is quickly becoming a necessity for employability and is starting to be seen as a fundamental right, the digital public space is far from being a safe and empowering place for women and girls.

Globally, women use the internet 12 percent less than men, with the gap widening to 32 percent in the least developed countries, due to a wide range of reasons that relate to social norms and women’s place in society including income, perceptions about technical aptitude and concerns around privacy and safety."

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