In this episode, the Ambassador of Finland to the United States, Kirsti Kauppi discusses what it’s like to be a woman working in foreign relations, what it means to be visible, and the differences between the United States and Finland in gender equality efforts and government institutions.

The latest numbers from the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report reveal significant gaps in gender equality globally, both in political participation and other aspects of public life and citizenship. Many of the findings in this report are in line with what we have found in our own Global Women’s Public Leadership Index: while progress is being made, women remain notably absent from key decision-making tables around the world.

Women make up roughly half of the world’s population, but far less of the world’s formal positions of power.The landscape is changing, however, with more and more women leading the parties, companies, movements, and ideas of the future.

Yet this progress in gender parity is not guaranteed– some countries have already backpedaled, and political and policy empowerment remains elusive in others despite improvements in health and education.

The Women in Public Service Project is pleased to welcome Mayor Elizabeth Kautz as the newest member of our Advisory Council. The WPSP Advisory Council provides advice and guidance to the WPSP Director and the Board of Directors on strategy and issues in their individual areas of expertise, in keeping with the goals and initiatives of WPSP. As a member of the Advisory Council, Mayor Kautz  will advise on engaging women leaders in the important decision-making that occurs at the local level.