Behind every statistic, there is a story to tell. The new She is One podcast from the Women in Public Service Project highlights the women leaders driving progress toward gender parity in public service leadership around the world.

In this episode, Baroness Catherine Ashton and Ambassador Wendy R. Sherman, both key negotiators in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, discuss the role of women as mediators in each and every aspect of their lives. Baroness Ashton was appointed as the first woman to be a British European Commissioner and became the first woman Commissioner for Trade in the European Commission. Also one of the women pioneers in her field, Ambassador Sherman led the U.S. negotiating team in her role as the first woman Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.

In this episode, Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s lead negotiator in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and current Deputy Ambassador to the United States, discusses her career in the federal government, the importance of mentors and the need to promote more women in trade globally. Deputy Ambassador Hillman is one of two women to work on the TPP and the first Canadian woman to negotiate a broad multi-lateral international agreement.

The Wilson Center’s Global Women’s Leadership Initiative has launched a new project that Director Gwen Young describes as, “the first comprehensive index that gives you a global snapshot of where women are in government across the globe.” She also makes the point that “number matter” when assessing where we are and where we’re headed in this edition of Wilson Center NOW.

The Global Women's Leadership Initiative Index (The Leadership Index) shows us where women are in governments around the world, how much power they hold and how they got to their positions of leadership. We explore the data through three pillars – pathways, positions and power – to understand the correlations between different variables, decisions and policies and how those decisions ultimately affect how much power women hold in public office. The Leadership Index focuses on positions across the five sectors of government: executive, legislative, judiciary, civil service and security — and also from the national to local levels.

The Wilson Center is releasing its new Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index – a first-of-its-kind comparison and examination of women’s leadership by country.