The Leadership Index shows us where women are in governments around the world, how much power they hold and how they got to their positions of leadership. We explore the data through three pillars – pathways, positions and power – to understand the correlations between different variables, decisions and policies and how those decisions ultimately affect how much power women hold in public office. The Leadership Index focuses on positions across the five sectors of government: executive, legislative, judiciary, civil service and security — and also from the national to local levels.

A global gender gap continues to be a drag on economies even though some progress has been made. A recent trade deal between Canada and Chile included a focus on women and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has suggested that similar considerations should be part of a renegotiated NAFTA. Can trade agreements provide a mechanism for narrowing the gender gap? We asked Gwen Young, Director of the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative and Women in Public Service Project, to share her thoughts on the topic in this edition of Wilson Center NOW.

The Student Research Competition gives young scholars the opportunity to contribute substantive research to their field. Students who receive this award will be invited to the Wilson Center in Washington, DC for a half day of presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities with professionals and potential employers from a vast array of DC-based governmental and non-governmental organizations. Award winners will be given the opportunity to present their work and be interviewed at the Wilson Center. Finalists will also participate in a personal conversation with WPSP Director Gwen Young and a relevant Wilson Center staff member of their choice.

As global leaders gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, the Women in Public Service Project continues to ensure that gender parity remains at the forefront of policy discussions. Director Gwen K. Young was on the ground at the Concordia Annual Summit and other events discussing the 50x50 vision of 50% women's representation globally by 2050 - and the actions we can take now to get there.