In this episode, Chief Justice Cármen Lúcia of Brazil talks about the ideals that drive her as a woman leader in the judiciary.

The burden of care—the time, energy, and costs of caring for other people—is growing, and women shoulder the heaviest load. This burden can have negative consequences for businesses, too, as it affects the health and productivity of workers, as well as economic growth. At a recent Wilson Center Ground Truth Briefing, four leading experts discussed the ways in which progressive policies could help balance the burden of care to increase economic productivity and benefit both employers and employees. 

Selected as one of the indicators for the power pillar, the question on “men make better political leaders than women do” serves a significant role in understanding the perception of women political leaders from the angle of public attitude.

New York, 28 November- The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development offers an unprecedented opportunity for societies to ensure that women have equal access to lead public institutions on the path to transformative change. Today, UNDP and partners launched two groundbreaking initiatives to accelerate progress towards the Global Goals.