In this episode, Counselor Christiana Tah, Former Minister of Justice for Liberia, discusses her lifelong commitment to public service and the responsibility of judiciary leaders to work toward a more inclusive world.

Director Gwen K. Young joined the Women in Global Health group to launch their first Washington, DC chapter. 

Should this year be labeled the "Year of the Woman," or should there be a long term label for the women's movement that has been "brewing" since 1992? Label or no label, the 2018 midterms will undoubtedly alter the landscape for women's political participation. 

Much like 1992, 2018 has been hailed as the “Year of the Woman”. Momentum is strong: in the United States, an astonishing number of women have stepped up to run for office and many have broken records in recent elections. Globally, emerging women leaders are taking office as heads of state, high-level ministers, and parliamentarians.

The Women in Public Service Project hosted Lisa Witter, co-founder and CEO of Apolitical, for a Facebook Live discussion on the future of public service and the innovations changing government. Along side Gwen K. Young, Witter discusses the key innovative trends she has seen through her organization's work. 

In this episode, H.E. President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim of Mauritius discusses her goals and insights in promoting women in public service and women in STEM. As a career scientist, entrepreneur, and now public servant, H.E. Gurib-Fakim is working to empower women and young girls to join the STEM fields.