Nora Berra

Former French Secretary of Health

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Nora Berra's Story

Dr. Nora Berra born January 21, 1963, a trained doctor and French politician of Algerian origin, was elected to become a member of the European parliament in June 2009. 

On 23 June 2009 she was appointed secretary of state to the French government under Prime Minister Fillon and on 14 November 2010, she was named Secretary for State for Health under the new Fillon government, the second government under President Sarkozy.

Between 1991 and 2009 she worked at the Edouard Herriot Hospital in the department which looked after patients infected by the HIV virus.

Nora Berra was born in Lyon in 1963 and is one of eleven children from a father who was a member of the Algerian Fusillers during the second world war.

She left secondary school in France to pursue medical studies in Oran, before returning to France. She has two children and is cofounder of the Convergence club which seeks to show the merits of people from immigrant backgrounds.