Meena Sharma

WPSP Delegate

Meena Sharma's Story

Meena Sharma is a delegate from Nepal who participated in the WPSP Institute "Peacebuilding and Development" at Bryn Mawr College.

Meena has been working with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Nepal for more than four years, primarily joining to work with child soldiers and other conflict-affected youth.  She is currently Senior Program Coordinator, managing programs that foster the leadership and peacebuilding potential of urban and rural women including the UN Peace network, a partnership between SFCG and the U.N. Development Program (UNDP)  to strengthen the role of women peacebuilders in multiple countries in Asia. She is also a trained Peace Circles facilitator. Meena has over 11 years of experience in the women rights and peacebuilding field, from planning and management to implementation of gender programs at various levels, working closely with Nepalese government, especially with the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction on  peacebuilding and conflict transformation issues.  Prior to working with SFCG, Meena worked with the Institute of Human Rights Communication Nepal during the conflict period in Nepal, working in heavily affected areas with groups on both sides of the conflict.  She was cofounding member of the umbrella organization “Shantimalika” (Women’s Network for Peace).  Meena was named  a “Youth Ambassador” in 2008 by the Universal Peace Federation Nepal.  She is a mother of two and brings great passion to the work that she does.

Change is a natural process that you cannot stop, but you could make it faster if you wanted. For me, I need to feel something in my heart, in my body, and in my mind. Born and raised in a very conservative family with many limitations for girls, I grew up feeling things very minutely. Thus, my actions and reactions are based on my experiences.