Pyae Pyae Aung

WPSP Delegate
WPSP Delegate

Pyae Pyae Aung's Story

Pyae Pyae Aung is a WPSP delegate from Burma who participated in the WPSP Institute "Reconstructing Societies in the Wake of Conflict: Justice and Economic Development" at Mount Holyoke, Simmons, and Smith Colleges.

She earned a master’s in biotechnology and is pursuing a postgraduate diploma in political management at the Myanmar Development Resource Institute. Aung’s work involves creating a rights-based approach to development, especially in the area of basic consumer rights. She seeks to improve the country’s food policies and to promote knowledge sharing and international networking.

Her goal is to reduce poverty and improve national health and well-being by increasing access to education, jobs and food. By participating in the WPSP Initiative, she was able to connect with a global network of women and advance the skills that will help her get elected to public office and create policies that help women have a seat at the table. 

I have been encouraging and empowering peers and younger women that we can do it: we can have the same opportunities using our brains and we are not lower than men. I have been teaching and sharing knowledge about peace, democracy, and development to my community, trying to replicate the values that are inspiring and empowering for women.

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