Modern Guide to Equality


Published by The Female Quotient

"Within this issue, we have taken a closer look at the values and characteristics associated with leadership today. Why? Because it is leadership that moves the world. Leaders start the discussions around issues that matter the most and then model and champion the change needed. Leaders drive change by improving processes, operations and communication.

There are significant changes in the defining characteristics of the most successful corporate leaders of today and of those leaders who will drive future progress. In many ways, the younger generations are influencing leaders to think and lead differently. Today’s best corporate leaders require an ability to not only think critically and communicate effectively, but the flexibility to embrace the ideals of collaboration, curiosity and even failure. Diversity of thought, perspective and experience is imperative to innovation and increased profitability … the leaders of tomorrow recognize this and use diversity as a strategic tool."

Gwen K. Young, Director of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative and the Women in Public Service Project, contributed to this issue.



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