Who Runs (in) America?


The Reflective Democracy Campaign reimagines a political system that engages America's full range of talent and experience. The campaign conducts groundbreaking research, engages the public in crucial dialogue, and makes catalytic investments in leaders and organizations working towards a Reflective Democracy.

In October 2014, the campaign launched Who Leads Us? with research revealing the race and gender of 42,000 elected office holders in the U.S. from the President down to the county level. Using that data, we created the National Representation Index, which calculates the level to which white men hold greater power than other groups in each state. The campaign conducted a national opinion survey in 2014 that showed that a bi-partisan majority of the electorate supports bringing more women and people of color into political leadership. In July 2015 our Justice for All? report demonstrated the unbalanced representation in the criminal justice system in which 95% elected prosecutors nationwide are white. To promote solutions, the campaign recently announced its investment in the Reflective Democracy Innovators, leaders and organizations tackling the barriers to Reflective Democracy.