Margaret Akullo Elem

Peacebuilder and Activist in Northern Uganda

Margaret Akullo Elem's Story

Margaret Akullo Elem is a peacebuilder and activist based in Lira, Northern Uganda. She is a member of the National Task Force for a gender responsive Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda. She led a women’s delegation to the Juba Peace Negotiation in 2008 where she obtained two slots for women as observers. She represented women from Lango at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in 2005. She is currently a facilitator with the Greater North Women’s Voices for Peace Network working with Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, and an outspoken member of the Women’s Peace and Security Project for the Greater Horn of Africa.

At individual levels most men treat the women they live with very well, but collectively men undermine women. It would be wise to point out to men that they should treat all women with the same type of courtesy they treat their close female relations. I still face challenges from males who say I am too manly or think too independently for their comfort. Men often work against my rising in any position of leadership.

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