Counselor Christiana Tah

Former Minister of Justice, Republic of Liberia
Counselor Tah

Counselor Christiana Tah's Story

Counselor Christiana Tah is the former Attorney General/Minister of Justice (2009-2014) of the Republic of Liberia and has previously held roles in the Ministries of Health, Justice and Finance in Liberia during the late 1970s and mid-1980s. During most of the 1990s, she donated her time and expertise to various immigration advocacy groups in the United States. Amongst her many functions as Attorney General, Counselor Tah supervised the Special Unit established in 2008 to prosecute gender-based violence, a malady that is very pervasive in a post-conflict environment. She holds a graduate degree in law from Yale University, and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Kent State University, and served as a Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice for more than 15 years in the United States while simultaneously practicing law in the State of Maryland. She has returned to private practice.

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