Liz Lacerda

Strategic Alliances Manager, Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Development Agency

Liz Lacerda's Story

Liz Lacerda is a WPSP delegate from Brazil who participated in the WPSP Institute "Women's Leadership in Latin America" co-hosted with Scripps and Mount Saint Mary's Colleges.

Lacerda is a Strategic Alliances Manager at Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Development Agency, where she works to expand strategic alliances between business and social movements in Brazil and to disseminate best practices information for corporate social responsibility. Her goal is to participate in decision-making that will encourage sustainable development in Brazil and to promote inclusive decision-making across the spectrum of public policy.

After her time at the WPSP Institute, Liz Lacerda came back to Brazil with so many thoughts and missions, but one that stuck with her the most was to look for her mentors. In her search she found the women who inspired her the most were the ones hustling every day in Brazil to produce art, especially independent music. Learning about and focusing on these women motivated Lacerda to produce a musical documentary about the role of the new female generation in the independent music industry in Brazil.

She is applying for the newly launched Brazil’s Ministry of Culture and the President’s Special Secretariat for Women, prize for women and culture. Its aim is to foster film production by women and recognize the work of directors and technicians in the Brazilian audiovisual world. One of the most exciting things about this project is that she assembled a production team that is 80 percent women. 

Lacerda feels like she has to do this, and she believes she can. She feels compelled to tell this history of the struggles and victories of Brazilian young female artists in her generation. Here, she has learned the full meaning of female empowerment.

Lacerda has also started collaborating with “Alma Livre,” a grassroots organization in her home city that promotes the reintegration of former female prisoners into society. It is all run by women for women. Here, she sees the impact women's organizations have on the community in an extremely personal sense. From her time at WPSP and beyond, Liz Lacerda is tirelessly working to promote women's rights.

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