Can International Human Rights Norms Secure Women’s Rights in the MENA Region?


Wilson Center: The Women in Public Service Project and Global Women's Leadership Initiative/The Middle East Program/The Environmental Change and Security Program/The Global Health Initiative 

This publication is the outcome of the July 10, 2013 conference of the same name co-sponsored by the Middle East Program, Global Women’s Leadership Initiative, Environmental Change and Security Program, and Global Health Initiative. Women leaders and activists from the Middle East write about the current women’s rights situation on the ground in the region and what strategies can be employed to use international human rights norms to secure their rights going forward.



Edited by:

Former Director, Global Women’s Leadership Initiative, Woodrow Wilson Center
Former Director, Middle East Program, Woodrow Wilson Center
Former Director, UN-ESCWA Centre for Women
Communication Analyst, United Nations Population Fund, Yemen
Professor of Education, Al-Balqa’a Applied University, Jordan
Women’s rights activist and corporate and international lawyer, Algeria
Former Minister of Women’s Affairs, Tunisia