Leaders and Daughters Global Survey 2017


"This examination of the lives and careers of 7,000 women across seven countries—Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States—is meant to foster a deeper understanding of the ambitions, motivations and realities that women face every day in their professional lives. Our interest was in grasping differences and similarities based not only on geography but also age and seniority. The findings uncovered a deep and growing feeling of empowerment and ambition—that is until women reached the senior levels of management, where they still grapple with the glass ceiling. We saw levels of engagement and drive decline as women aged. The goal of this report is to provoke a global discussion of women’s professional development that will continue at “Leaders & Daughters: Cultivating the Next Generation” events hosted by Egon Zehnder in more than 40 locations around the world. It’s our hope that in understanding women’s challenges and outlook, we can contribute to their progress everywhere."




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