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The Women in Public Service Project, Plan International USA, and the Environmental Change and Security Program hosted a timely conversation that will highlight major initiatives filling the gender data gap. These efforts seek to connect data to action, catalyzing effective interventions by advocates, policymakers, and implementers and fueling progress toward gender equality.

Public service extends beyond the elected roles of representatives and appointed roles of administrators to all essential services provided by the government, including the provision of security and justice. Arguably one of the most vital functions of the state, providing security means more than military forces and border control. Police forces are responsible for enforcing the laws that govern society and play a large role in security at the local level. They are often the first face of the law for citizens, one the most tangible arms of the government in day-to-day life, and a role almost entirely held by men.

Do you have experience with women leaders in Africa? Help shape an upcoming toolkit on fostering women's leadership in the region!

The conversation provided a unique perspective from a woman leader on the global stage. Ms. Hillman’s remarks emphasized the importance of women’s leadership in all aspects of decision-making and the need to break down the “glass walls” that restrict women leaders to “soft” sectors such as social and health policy. 

French President Emmanuel Macron introduced his new cabinet, and consistent with campaign promises, the group is comprised of 50 percent women. Women in Public Service Project Director, Gwen Young sees this as an important step forward and says, “Bravo France.”

On Thursday, May 18th, the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) hosted visiting students from the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy is an all-girl’s middle and high school that emphasizes leadership development, entrepreneurship, and community service. Their mission is to empower and prepare young women to become learners and leaders in both local and global spheres.