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On Monday, March 20, WPSP Director Gwen K. Young and Director and Chief of Profession at the UNDP Governance and Peacebuilding Bureau Patrick Keuleers signed a Memorandum of Understanding launching a data partnership between the two organizations. 

By collecting, analyzing, and disseminating sex-disaggregated data that previously did not exist, the UNDP and WPSP will highlight challenges and best practices in achieving gender parity in public administration, particularly at decision-making levels.

On International Women’s Day 2017, Global Women’s Leadership and Women in Public Service Project Director, Gwen Young explains the national protest called, “A Day Without a Woman.”

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Women in Public Service Project brought together private sector leaders to discuss intersections between sectors on the impact of women in leadership, barriers to women reaching senior positions, and best practices that can be shared across sectors and industries. The event consisted of a panel of individuals who work for global companies, from a variety of industries.

The Women in Public Service Project and Women@TheTable are pleased to present this global convening of sitting women leaders in executive, legislative, and judicial office around the world. This day-long conversation will promote transnational, cross-sector collaboration toward substantive change in the global effort toward gender parity in public service.

Simply framing the challenge through gender disaggregation doesn’t tell the whole story. We need to better understand where women stand in global decision-making positons: do they hold the top positions of leadership? How much real influence do they have?