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The Women in Public Service Project is pleased to promote Courage to Run 5K, a partnership event with Courage to Run focused on strengthening the mindset, physical endurance and heartfelt vision of women political players and civic believers running for public office.

This panel highlights the women who are at the forefront of driving positive change in global climate policy as part of the Global Climate Action Summit. 

The Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) is happy to announce its 2019 Student Research Competition. The annual competition is open to students of WPSP partner colleges who have conducted research in the field of women’s leadership or political participation. 

The mid-term elections will see an unprecedented 318 women contesting Congressional and gubernatorial elections. Notable also is the unprecedented number of women in the race who have former military experience. In commemoration of Women’s Equality Day, we present the profiles of 29 courageous women with military experience who are attempting to break new ground in public elected office.

Women rise to leadership in smaller countries like Rwanda and Uruguay where there are great pathways and institutions. 

Where are women most represented in government and what will happen with the 2018 National Assembly elections?