About the Women in Public Service Project

The Women in Public Service Project will accelerate global progress towards women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership to create more dynamic and inclusive institutions that leverage the full potential of the world’s population to change the way global solutions are forged.



Through research, partnerships, and peer-to-peer networking, WPSP is pursuing the goal of “50X50”: 50% representation of women in all elected and appointed policy and political leadership positions by 2050.


50×50: Closing the Gender Gap in Leadership

We know that women leaders positively influence governance, economic growth, and inclusive sustainable development. We know that when women have a voice in policy decisions they add invaluable perspectives and promote quality of life for all.

So, why are women still so dramatically underrepresented in leadership positions worldwide?

That’s the question driving the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP)–a program with the unique goal to ensure that women hold 50% of policy and political leadership positions by 2050.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched WPSP in 2011 as a powerful partnership among the U.S. Department of State and 5 U.S. women’s colleges.

WPSP now hosts a dynamic platform of partnerships across the globe–including multilateral agencies, universities, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector. Powered by network unparalleled in scope, reach, and substance, the WPSP is accelerating its efforts to close the gender leadership gap. The means to this end center around 3 primary objectives:


1. Driving Transparency and Transformation Across Institutions

Who excels in promoting parity? Where do obstacles still exist? We are working together with our partners to develop metrics that deliver answers and create an environment of complete transparency. An online data platform and annual Global Women’s Leadership Initiative Index will underline both glaring deficits and meaningful gains in gender parity in public service leadership worldwide. With data collected from all sectors of public service at local and national levels, the Index will offer a clear snapshot for all interested parties of where the world’s government institutions stand in terms of participation and leadership.



2. Gathering and Sharing Information and Evidence that Drives Change

The gender parity movement has reached critical mass. By sharing our information and resources, our impact has the potential to match our efforts. WPSP meets with policy and political leaders country by country and region by region to gather best practices and make informed recommendations on parity issues.

Analyzing data and sharing best practices will help those on the frontlines do more to advance the leadership careers of women and spark enduring systemic change. We will identify and develop new partnerships capable of expanding WPSP’s reach and convene regional and virtual summits to offer support. WPSP publications and social media platforms will showcase the many contributions of women in policy and political leadership, as well as the policies and economic structures that enable such progress.



3. Building Women’s Networks: Inspiring and Empowering Leaders

“We can do it! Here’s how.” That’s the message WPSP wants women everywhere to understand. WPSP helps emerging, prospective, and current women leaders to build their skill set and exercise their influence. By connecting these women with other actors, partners, and stakeholders across the globe, we can all work together to showcase women’s leadership.

We also aim to grow our ever-expanding global network of women leaders through in-person and online events that enable participants to share experiences and renew their passion for leadership.


Leading the Way, Together

Moving forward, WPSP will play a pivotal role in ensuring that closing the gender-leadership gap in political and policy spheres remains a global priority. The project will open more doors for women everywhere – making the goal of “50 by 50” a reality that benefits everyone.